Finally an effective organic fertilizer to use on America’s commercial crops, lawns and home gardens.

Vermicompost extract that utilizes the power of beneficial soil microbes to build soil and plant health while fertilizing your plants, soil, or lawn.
Chemical free and safe to use around children and pets. Contains nutrients, micro-organisms, and natural pest and disease control.

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Same effect – but concentrated!



What our customers say

“I was impressed over how fast our soil responded to Ecoworm Soil Extract. Our soil was exhausted from excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Now we really can see a big change and the best part of it all that is all natural!”

– Greg

“I was trying to bring a degraded floodplain back to life. After we took a silage crop off this field in August, it was extremely slow to recover. This is when I used your Ecoworm Fertilizer at half rate with a bit of molasses, after which we started to get some regrowth. Just done a comprehensive soil test and the results are better than expected!”

– Harry

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Organic Fertilizers made from Vermicompost

While farmers and gardeners are searching for new fertilization ideas, and organic farming is becoming more and more popular, nature itself offers a solution, through a natural process that already exists on Earth. When a plant or animal dies, it is eventually being eaten by decomposing microbes, that will decay or disassemble it and put it back into the soil. This life-death-decay-life cycle has built the thin layer of fertile soil that covers our land, nourishing and helping our plants to grow.

In nature, there is no waste.  Everything is reused, and usually made into something of greater  value for the sustenance of life.

Vermicomposting is not just another waste reduction method. Over 100 years ago, Charles Darwin was the first to carefully observe the action of the earthworms and the effect of the castings they produced. The benefits of worm castings attained through an amazing interplay of biology, chemistry and microbiology lead to the production of an extraordinary soil amendment and plant nutrient. Scientific studies proved that treating plants with extracts of worm castings result a better plant growth and decreased instances of disease.

Ecoworm is an organic producer of concentrated fertilizers, specializing in using the latest technology to extract naturally pure liquid humic substances from vermicompost. Ecoworm’s range of Soil Extract Liquid Fertilizers enhances seed germination, stimulates plant and root growth, increases crop yield and improves plant nutrition.

Ecoworm products are proven safe, 100% natural, certified by Organic Farmers & Growers.